Simulation: presenting to the CEO!

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This afternoon, our team of young learners from across Europe will be presenting the findings from their project to develop a market entry strategy for 12 e-learning modules in key competencies required for e-work. Following research into products, markets and finances as well as working together across the miles to develop a smooth and coordinated presentation, they are ready to present it to the CEO of the company. The real question now is:

Will the CEO of Virtual Motion buy in to their conclusions and go for the pitch?

Our learners are spending the day polishing their speeches and practising their pitching skills before this afternoon’s event, which will be attended by people in six different countries, via a web link.

Slides from market entry presentation

Virtual Motion is a fictional company, created in order to give learners on the SEED project some experience of a real world scenario within a simulated environment. Our young learners are being supported by e-tutors from each of the six countries from the SEED project, together with staff from project partners Inno-Motive and Innovaform. This blended learning element, taking part in Pecs, Hungary, aims to increase the real-world application of the skills and competencies learnt online, by giving both learners and tutors the opportunity to put their skills into practice.

SEED is funded by Erasmus+, the EU’s programme for education, training, youth and sport.

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