Millwall Park Railway Arches

Project aims

Two charities in Tower Hamlets, Island Sports Trust and Dockland Settlement, aim to bring some of the disused railway arches in Millwall Park into use as a community high street. The charities plan that within the redeveloped arches there will be a park cafe which will also include a training kitchen to increase employability locally, and a number of flexible use units which will provide low-cost business accommodation or community space.

Our role

GuideHub Consulting is supporting the two charities to work together. So far, we have:

  • facilitated project meetings between the Chair of Island Sports Trust and the CEO of Dockland Settlement
  • supported the charities in their work to secure the arches’ lease
  • prepared the heads of terms document describing how the relationship between Island Sports Trust and Dockland Settlement will work throughout the project
  • identified potential sources of funding
  • prepared a survey for the charities to find out what local people want in the area