We are excited to bring you our newest and latest field of work: e-learning.

Since 2015, we have been involved with the SEED project, working alongside partners across Europe to develop e-learning materials in key remote work-based competencies. During the project delivery period, we were able to extend our experience of traditional classroom-based learning to the online medium. We are now continuing to work with the resources developed through the project in order to maximise their impact.

What is remote work?

Remote work, also known as telework or telecommuting, has several interpretations. We like to keep things simple, so in our understanding, it means working outside of the traditional office environment. This covers people working from home, from a coffee shop down the road, from a co-working space, a cottage up in the mountains or from the seaside. Pretty much from anywhere in the world. 
Remote workers could be either self-employed, business owners or employees of a company alone or in a team with members geographically dispersed. They work in a digital workspace using technology for their everyday operations.

Do you have what it takes to be a remote worker?

Although working remotely gives great flexibility for people, it also causes new challenges. Working remotely requires different skills and competencies from conventional ways of working. How do you communicate with colleagues and clients if you hardly meet face to face…if you meet at all? How do you cope with cultural differences in a team of colleagues around the world? How do you balance your personal and work life when working from home? Can you keep your motivation up when there’s your boss is not looking over your shoulder? How do you get up early in the morning when you don’t necessarily have to?

While there are several competency based training opportunities both online and offline, only a very few deal with the aspects of remote working. Our set of modules will help you become an efficient remote worker by improving your competencies in the key areas required for this type of work.

We intend to publish modules based on the SEED resources in the coming months.  Our module on remote team-working is available now, via the link below, and more modules are coming soon!

Remote Teamwork
Conflict Handling
Time Management

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