Data management systems

If you need help and support keeping track of your outputs and outcomes, worry no more!  Help is at hand.  We can help you get the best from the data you collect and provide advice on where to extend or rationalise the tracking that you’re already doing.  We bring our experience as funders as well as in running funded projects to offer you practical solutions that meet all stakeholders’ needs.

It doesn’t stop there!  We have technical experience of data management systems gained in the workplace and via academic study, and as well as providing advice on what data to collect, we will happily build you an integrated system to keep your tracking absolutely on track.  Whether it’s Excel, Google sheets or Access, you’ll get a system that’s tailored for you and your particular requirements.

Please contact us if you would like to talk about data management. Alternatively, you can read about one of our data management projects, working for a social enterprise supporting young people as they leave care.