SEED Closing Conference

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Last week we were privileged to attend the closing conference for the SEED project, on the beautiful island of Madeira, where Teatro Metaphora, our Portuguese partner, is based.

The SEED project has been running for two years, producing online training materials in key competencies to support the employability of young adults aged 18-29.

This event brought people together from across Europe, united in their interest in improving employability among young adults.  We started off with a walking debate: answer "yes" to the facilitator's questions and you move to one side of the space, answer "no" and you go to the other.  What a great way to get to know one another!  Questions included: have you ever worked from home?  Do you need a boss behind you in order to be motivated to work?  Do you ever find colleagues in the office a distraction?

A walking debate to get to know one another.

We then listened to a formal presentation describing the project, its outputs and future plans for the materials that have been produced, followed by an invitation to join two practical exercises, each considering one of the competencies covered by the SEED training materials.  I attended the group session on Time Management, encouraging us to consider whether tasks are important or urgent, or both, or neither, and Communication, which asked us to discuss email communication etiquette and provided tips for writing effective emails.  These two sessions were hosted brilliantly by young adult volunteers from Teatro Metaphora – well done to Justina and Kate!

After a final summary session, we were treated to an informal networking lunch where we were able to get together in the sunshine and chat about the project.

The closing conference was a really enjoyable day, bringing together the last two years’ work on SEED with a real highlight.  Our thanks and congratulations to Teatro Metaphora for a great event!

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