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Edugames for active citizenship

#PlayEurope project aims to contribute to building a new generation of active citizens. The project’s main objective is to use the cooperative enterprise model and the social entrepreneurship education to raise awareness among young people about current social issues and democratic participation, using an alternative approach that combines education and entertainment, in order to be more attractive for the target group (university students & unemployed young people between 18‐30 years).

The project – following an edutainment approach – provides young people with an innovative training programme to enhance and promote their crucial competencies in order to become contributing entrepreneurs, responsible and critical citizens.

The consortium is composed by 9 partners from Italy, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Romania and Estonia, representing different types of organizations: 3 SMEs, 2 Private Universities, 4 NGOs. All of them have long experience in EU projects and are deeply involved with young people, social issues, active citizenship aspects, online learning, EduGames and innovative teaching methodologies. 

#PlayEurope aims to produce two main resources:

  • The Manual of Success Stories on Social Entrepreneurship collects 10 success stories of social entrepreneurs to motivate and inspire young people to set their own social business. It is already available online and downloadable. You can also read online short summaries of the stories translated in all consortium languages.
  • The Step-by-Step Guide “Become a Social Entrepreneur in 7 days” will contain exercises after which target users will acquire the basics of the crucial soft and hard skills important to set up a social enterprise. It will be available soon.

The results that the partners expect to produce are:

  • improvement of specific hard and soft skills of students and unemployed young people, through their involvement in the online #PlayEurope Step-by-Step Guide;
  • to enhance digital integration through e-learning and  non-formal learning;
  • to increase the motivation of young people in setting up their business through demonstration of inspirational examples of successful social entrepreneurs;
  • to increase interest in social issues and democratic participation.

Through effective actions and tools, partners will show young people how and to what extent social entrepreneurship can be a concrete pathway to become better citizens.

As the main beneficiaries of the project are young European citizens, the activities will aim to impact on them by stimulating their attention towards social issues, showing them how to concretely apply the competencies acquired with #PlayEurope project in everyday life, for example by thinking of starting a social business.

The project will also engage indirect beneficiaries, above all the civil society, schools, training institutions, public Authorities and NGOs that work closely with young people, through a promotion of an alternative method, by inviting teachers and youth leaders to use #PlayEurope informal learning approach to promote civic participation among their students.

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