Blended Learning Event

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Young adults and e-tutors from across Europe are now back home following participation in the SEED blended learning event. The training used a variety of work-based scenarios where young adults had to work together to solve problems and complete tasks. Taking part gave young adults a chance to use the key workplace competencies that they’ve learnt over the last few months by studying the e-learning materials developed by the SEED project partnership.

Practising the presentation in the afternoon

The first day involved presenting the results of prior project work, where six teams distributed across Europe had worked together to produce a market entry strategy for a new product for a fictional company, Virtual Motion. These young adults had never met one another before, so handling a presentation exercise smoothly was really being thrown in at the deep end! And as if presenting isn’t nerve-wracking enough, this one was live-streamed across the internet, so people from around Europe were tuned in. Eek! But there was no need to worry, all the participants did brilliantly and all the parts of the presentation were clear and well explained.

Live streaming to a group watching from the Netherlands

Throughout the rest of the training event, young adults were supported by tutors to take place in other business games.

By getting together, young adults and e-tutors were able to see a different perspective on e-work, including the benefits that occasional co-located working can bring to a virtual team. Competencies such as communication, team work, problem solving and decision making, which the young adults had studied online, were really tested through the games and exercises at the event.
By experiencing different scenarios, young adults honed and developed their skills – all increasing their current and future employability! Participants are staying in touch after the event and pictures and happy messages are flowing among the group 🙂

Group work on one of the exercises

Thanks to David and Rita, our UK participants, for attending, doing a great job at presenting the work on the Virtual Motion market entry exercise and sending updates and pictures back throughout! Thanks also, and a pat on the back, to Kinga and Judit in Hungary for hosting a successful learning event. And a big well done to everyone who took part, for learning new skills and joining in fully. We are sure that you have all made new friends and have memories that you’ll keep forever. Good work, all!

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