About us

Pleased to meet you! GuideHub Consulting Ltd is a partnership between Janos Hampel and Sarah Watson. We were colleagues for a number of years before deciding in 2015 to continue to work together as partners in GuideHub Consulting.

Janos Hampel

Janos has 14 years’ experience working on EU funded international projects and for 10 years managed and developed employability related programmes funded by the European Social Fund in the UK. Janos is currently working on the SEED project, which focuses on the competencies required for remote work. He is undertaking diligent research in this area by spending his days working from beautiful places in South East Asia.

Sarah Watson

Sarah has 15 years’ experience working in and around the voluntary and public sectors in the UK including work on direct delivery of training and employability projects and programme management of ESF, local authority and independent charity grants programmes. She is currently working on GuideHub’s contribution to the SEED project, helping a social enterprise in South London capture and quantify their progress and also working with a partnership project between two charities in Tower Hamlets which will bring a series of disused railway arches back into use.

Here we are, one sunny afternoon in Budapest


Janos and Sarah also work together on Stellar Lighting, an online shop offering interesting and unique lighting products, designed to make life a little brighter.  Do come and visit our site!